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Category: Miscellaneous

15 Jan 2018

How Multiple Touchpoints More Effectively Converts Buyers In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you wondering how to get the most of your digital marketing investment?  Is Google proving to be increasingly difficult to produce results and, consequently, ROI? It might be time to reevaluate the framework of your digital strategies.  If you’re still trying to get results from high volume, keyword optimized Google organic SEO or conversion-optimized […]

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06 Oct 2014
Holiday Marketing Featured Image

Merry Marketing: How To Ramp Up Your Strategy For the Holidays

Ring in the Holidays While most people spend the beginning weeks of October sorting their Halloween costumes, buying candy treats, and pulling out their fall coats, savvy businesses are already solidifying their holiday marketing: they know what’s going to marked down for special promotions, they’ve designed brand new landing pages and email templates, and they’re […]

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24 Sep 2014
Google WebMaster Central

Google Webmaster Central: Office-Hours Hangout September 12th

The following is a complete transcript of a Hangout on Air on September 12th with Google’s John Mueller.  It has been edited for readability. Secure and Sitemaps Will Notifications to WebMasters about Algorithmic Penalties Improve? Will pagerank pass to a site that has a 301 redirect but is blocked by robots.txt? Can blocking duplicate pages […]

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18 Jul 2014
The Multiscreen World

Multiscreen World

The convenience that modern technology affords its users cannot be questioned. Laptops, tablets, televisions and smartphones can turn even the leisurely extremes of a Netflix binge-watching session into a relatively efficient affair. But as companies continue to evolve their products to work more efficaciously with these technological wonders, and vice versa, the ability for users […]

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28 Mar 2014
creativity and music

Creativity And Music

I alluded to my usage of Spotify on a regular basis in my first post, and I think it’s time to take a further look. A workplace is full of distractions; that’s a given. We all deal with them because we have to. Whether it’s out of annoyance, or the desire to possess a degree […]

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27 Mar 2014
future retail technology

Future Retail Technology

Remember those nights where you would stand outside GameStop, waiting for the clock to strike midnight? And the game you’ve been so desperately waiting for is so close to your reach, you can already feel your hands around the controller back at home? Me neither. Not since pre-ordering was established and games’ availability for instant […]

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14 Mar 2014

Optimism In The Workplace

March 12th, 2014 marked the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis being pope, and that brought me back to the day the world found out about this. I was eating lunch when I found out who the pope was. There was no fanfare at the office I was working at in Chicago; in fact, I celebrated […]

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07 Mar 2014

Matthew Mcconaughey Rebranding

The Oscar’s are always entertaining. Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, and, every so often, incredibly infuriating when your favorite actor doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. But beneath the entertainment, there is also something to learn from this annual awards ceremony And no, it isn’t what NOT to do when public speaking. If you happen to […]

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