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Category: Link Building

19 May 2017

How Many Links Does My Site Need To Rank Well?

Ranking well on Google is key to successful digital marketing. However, Google’s habit of regularly updating its algorithm makes it tough to follow exactly what’s needed to rank well. One common point of contention among site owners is the number of links needed to earn a good ranking. Though as anyone with significant digital marketing […]

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13 Nov 2014

Penalty Safe SEO & The Power of Domain Authority

If you are interested in ranking in Google, you have probably noticed how powerfully Google favors brands.  In a study I published last year on Moz, I share my findings where I analyzed over 100 keywords, and discovered that a large majority of the top 10 spots were occupied by massive brands with high domain […]

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24 Oct 2014
Link Earning

A Comprehensive Guide to Safe and Effective Link Earning

1. Introduction 2. Preparation 3. Develop your Content Assets a. Types of content b. Owned vs Hosted Content   c. Define your Link Strategy 4. Preparing for Outreach a. Discover Relevant Sites to Reach Out To b. Create a Spreadsheet with Potential Link Opportunities c. Find Contact Information d. Write Custom Pitch Letters 5. Start […]

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15 May 2014
how to get high quality backlinks

How To Get High Quality Backlinks

Throughout the past year, we have seen many changes in the world of internet marketing. More specifically: link building. As we have now stepped into this Google penalty apocalypse, getting hit left and right for link penalties, webmasters are now wondering if there are, in fact, any “safe” and effective link building methods still out […]

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12 Nov 2013

Keyword Traffic Tool

On September 23rd 2013, Google moved entirely to a Secure Search environment where keyword referral data is no longer passed as part of the referral URL.   The online marketing community has been reeling by the news, mourning the loss of valuable data and trying to understand the ramifications.  If you’re past the grief stage and […]

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12 Apr 2013

Does Article Marketing Work?

Many people ask me about article marketing, wondering whether it still works. In short, I believe the answer is NO. Article marketing worked for a little while, until it got abused by marketers.  Think of how easy it is for Google to identify these sites, and simply remove their authority? They’ve publicly stated that they […]

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13 Mar 2013


As SEOs, link building is one of our primary duties, whether we’re developing our own websites or working on client projects. It can be a real challenge to come up with new and exciting ways to get links, but that’s our job – we are the creative engines of link building online. One of the […]

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