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Category: Google Plus

20 Oct 2014
Google Communications

How Google Has Ruled Online Communication

When pitting Google against other companies, it’s hard to find a race they wouldn’t win. When comparing search engines, it almost feels blasphemous to put Google on the same level of Yahoo and Bing. After all, no one says “Just go home and Bing that,” and Yahoo! Mail makes up only 4% of total email […]

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13 Oct 2014
Google Labs

What's Going On In the Google Labs?

Google has turned into the Willie Wonka of sorts in the world of STEM – we’re constantly watching what sort of new revolutionary tech candy they’re going to come out with, what new innovation will save us time, and even what new algorithm might sway the world of SEO and content marketing in a completely […]

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27 May 2014
google plus post ads

Google Plus Post Ads

When Google announced Plus advertising was now available to all users with over 1000 followers back in April, we wrote how +Post Ads could be the future of social advertising. It’s true that the value of being able to use social posts as interactive ads is an invaluable resource, considering no other social network has […]

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28 Apr 2014
google plus post ads

Future In Marketing

Google Plus’ chief Vic Gundotra might be leaving the social platform, but with one major loss comes a major addition: +Post Ads. +Post Ads have been around for a while now, but mostly in beta-mode, available only to major brands like Toyota USA and ASOS. Now they’re available to everyone—well, any brand that has over […]

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24 Apr 2014
google plus view

Google Plus View

On March 31, Google Plus users experienced a big change in their profile view display. Rather than being able to see total +1s of a page, whether it be a business profile or a local page, users now see total page views. This can only mean one thing – size matters now more than ever. […]

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22 Apr 2014
using google hangouts

Using Google Hangouts

So you’re finally on Google+ and are learning about the alternative benefits it presents in comparison to, say, Facebook. But what about Hangouts? Is that just an alternative to Skype, a tool I can use to check in with people that’s integrated into my Google interface? While that is true, Hangouts presents so many additional […]

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21 Apr 2014

Google Plus Share

I saw this re-share on Google Plus and was just amazed at just how perfect it was.  All of the elements of a proper Google Plus share were included.  Let me dive in and critique this, explaining why this is a great example for people looking to improve their presence on Google Plus.   Title […]

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17 Apr 2014

Promote Google Plus Page

When sharing content on Google Plus, the majority of people do not take the time to format their posts. Isn’t it enough that you’re actually taking the time to post regularly?  Consistent content is good, but carefully formatted content is even better.  Just by spending a few minutes to improve the aesthetics of your post, […]

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15 Apr 2014

How To Use Google Plus

When asked about Google Plus, most people believe that it’s a ghost town.  Many will agree that they can see the potential benefit due to the integration of Plus with Google Search.  But between writing blog content, engaging on Facebook, sharing content on Twitter, and pinning images on Pinterest..who has time for Plus? This was […]

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08 Apr 2014

Google Plus for Businesses

Most people try hard to ignore Google Plus and its benefits.  They forget that Google Plus is Google’s social spine, and that Google is adding more integrations by the month.  Local businesses HAVE to be on Plus if they want to show up on the Google Local.  What if they day comes when Google Search […]

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