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Category: Adwords

19 Dec 2014
PPC Optimization

Adwords Scripts: Streamlining PPC Optimization for Quick and Easy Conversions

When it comes to PPC management, I’m perplexed by how little there is out there about Adwords Scripts. There are few people talking about them, fewer people writing scripts, and even fewer sharing.  I’m flabbergasted by the lack of information out there; a problem which the team at Gryffin Media hopes to remedy. Using Adwords […]

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21 Nov 2014
Adwords Scripts

PPC Management Driving You Mad? These Adwords Scripts Save Hours!

What Are AdWords Scripts? AdWords scripts are an extremely powerful tool in Google AdWords. They have the capability to do most of, if not everything, a PPC a manager can do and it does these tasks almost instantly. They can gather specific data from the largest of accounts in seconds, restructure an entire account with its campaigns, […]

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07 Nov 2014
Campaign Starter Guide

Adwords Campaign Starter Guide

Starting an AdWords Campaign may seem like a daunting task as a whole, but by following this guide, which breaks down the process step by step, you’ll have your own campaign set up in no time. Before starting a campaign, you need to have a few things: A detailed, engaging, and appealing website A financial […]

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03 Nov 2014
Adwords Weekly Checklist

Adwords Weekly Optimization Checklist

This test can be done at the Account, Campaign, or Ad Group Level Customize Columns Make sure that columns have all the metrics you need. Avg Pos., CTR, Clicks, QS, Cost Sort Your Keywords by Avg. Pos (High to Low) Keywords that have an Avg. Pos of 4.0 or higher and Low Quality Score Focus […]

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15 Oct 2014
Remarketing Campaign in AdWords Tutorial

How to Set Up Your Remarketing Campaign in AdWords

When reviewing your AdWords campaign it’s easy to decide what to do if people A. See your ad but don’t click, or B. Click on your ad but don’t convert If you’re dealing with case A. You know that you have to improve your Average Position, Ad, and possibly your Quality Score. But what about […]

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10 Oct 2014
Google AdWords Audit Guide

Google AdWords Audit Guide

Continually auditing your AdWords account is integral to making sure that you are both getting as many clicks and conversions as possible, and adjusting your account to fit your evolving business and website. With this guide, you will be able to look through your account(s) and determine what is causing you to lose conversions, whether […]

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03 Oct 2014
Adwords Weekly Checklist

AdWords Weekly Optimization Checklist

Looking through your AdWords Account and Campaigns regularly is the foundation for success in AdWords. The ability for your campaign to garner the best possible audience is dependent on your ability to spot trends, waste, and potential in your account. Good news:  weekly Adwords optimization can be a simple task if you follow this guide. […]

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