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Brilliance: Integrated Campaign

Brilliance: Integrated Campaign

Where do you go when you want content, infographics, media placements, pillar content, blogger and influencer outreach?

Well you call the Gryffin, of course!  Brilliance wondered if it was too tall an order to place, but we proved them wrong.

One agency – one strategy – everything you need for digital marketing success.  Instead of managing different silos, all overlapping each other, Brilliance chose one strategic partner for their entire digital marketing strategy.   

In less than 12 months, their daily traffic has tripled, they’ve received mentions on Forbes, Huffington Post,, TheNextWeb, Mashable, and they’ve built a dozen infographics which have earned them hundreds of mentions on the blogosphere.

  • Date: 2014-2015
  • Client: TeenSafe
    CATEGORY: Digital PR, Content Marketing